kids practicing mindfulness

Yoga is practiced by more and more people around the world with people feeling the benefits.  More recently these benefits has seen the use of yoga in schools to help children attainment and development. I aim to bring yoga to more schools within Perthshire and the rest of Scotland!

Young people need yoga

It is now no longer uncommon to see yoga for children in schools !!kids yoga game

I am always delighted when I hear about kids involved with Yoga…they are natural Yogis who love to shape their bodies to create beautiful shapes.

Childrens’ natural reaction is to sit in a cross legged position & hum, which makes me laugh every time but they quickly learn that Yoga isn’t quite what they thought it was.

Benefits of yoga

Doing Yoga is not just about the postures!! Kids can learn a variety of skills through games, my training in yoga for children involved a much more interactive approach with games which aid confidence, self esteem, teamwork, social skills and promote calm and respect for one another. These benefits can go well beyond the classroom.

Yoga for kids is about FUN but along with that you can improve:

  • listening skills
  • concentration
  • confidence
  • self-awareness
  • respect for others
  • inter-personal skills
  • physical fitness
  • balance

What happens in kids yoga classes?

I use a visual timetable for kids in order for them to feel in control of what’s happening within the class. It gives a good structure to the class, with several games building on the above skills and always finishing with the rainstick game and ladybird relaxation. Kids need to be in a cross legged position, backs straight, smiles on their faces, thumb & forefinger touching and no talking.

When I see a child following this good practice, I go close to them and gently tilt the rainstick to let them know they have been chosen, this then allows that child to choose someone else and this continues a few times. Not all children are chosen which I feel it a good incentive for the next time we play the game. The last part of the class involves a tiny, shy ladybird who like to land on different parts of the body (toe, knee, thumb, shoulder, nose, shoulder, thumb, knee, toe)

Interested in introducing yoga in your school?

What we hope for all our children is to be healthy, physically and mentally as well as feel good about themselves.

Children are natural sponges, I believe that regular yoga sessions can improve the health & well-being of children in our schools.

Contact me via my contact page and we can discuss how to introduce yoga to your students.