Mums and babes yoga classes

Postnatal Mother and Baby Yoga classes
(Mums and Babes)

Thursdays 10-11 am. All levels welcome
£40 for a 6 week block booking

Mum and Baby Yoga classes aid postnatal recovery through safe, gentle and energising practices. The classes based in Meikleour (near to Blairgowrie/Perth, Scotland) are friendly, informal and will allow you to have a little time to yourself (well deserved time!) as well as enjoying quality play time with your baby.​

Equally it is a great opportunity to meet other new mums & share experiences. I have mothers and babies coming from Coupar Angus, Carsie, Butterstone, Bridge of Cally, Meigle, Alyth and more.

The class involves:

Exercises specific for mum:

  • Strengthen your Pelvic floor
  • Stabilise your pelvis
  • Strengthen your back
  • Opens up your chest (due to rounded shoulders from feeding)
  • Relaxation through breath work

Baby stretches, which will aid your baby’s:

  • Digestive system
  • Hip mobility
  • Respiratory function
  • Back strength
  • Postures for two (where mother and baby find new ways to relate to each other)
  • Lying, seated or standing postures to strengthen your body and provide fun for your baby

Many of the movements are carried out to rhymes, so get ready for some singing!!

The classes run term term only.

Contact me for more information 

“My baby and I absolutely loved yoga with Mairi! It was fun and a pleasure. It helped to enrich my body posture, which wasn’t great because of breastfeeding. All the exercises for my baby have improved his hips flexibility.” – Anna S.