Pregnancy Yoga Classes

“I took up pregnancy yoga to keep fit and flexible while expecting my daughter. I found mairi’s class to be fun, with a great bunch of girls. The yoga moves helped keep my physical strength up while the different breathing techniques were invaluable during labour. I would recommend this class to all expectant mums, it left me feeling calm and in control especially in the run up to labour and the birth.”

Leslie – Carsie, Scotland

“I joined pregnancy yoga classes early in my third trimester and it was the best decision I made. The classes were small and intimate and tailor made to our needs which was perfect as we all had our own pregnancy struggles and pains. Mairi is a wonderful teacher and taught us techniques that made a real difference to my birth experience. The classes were excellent for keeping me supple and relaxed and also it was a fantastic way to meet local ladies and a great forum to discuss all things baby! I can’t wait to start Mum and baby yoga!”

Julie – Bridge of Cally, Scotland

“This yoga class is a must during pregnancy. When you join the class, you can immediately feel the positive energy, and warmth of the room and combined with Mairi’s caring, calm, and welcoming personality, all makes for an amazing class!

At the beginning of every class Mairi goes around the room asking everybody how they feel and if they have anything they want to work on (i.e. stretching, back pain, sciatica, etc.) she really gets you to connect with your body, your baby and with the people around you. I have found her classes to be both physically and emotionally gratifying. I plan to use the breathing exercises and meditation I learned in the yoga class during my labour. 

I left each class feeling worked out and relaxed, and part of a community of other mums to be.  I highly recommend it to any pregnant woman.” 

Agnes – Rattray/Alyth, Scotland

“A lovely yoga class that is friendly and relaxed. Feel the energising benefits after every yoga practice under Mairi’s expert guidance.” 

Leena – London

“Mairi’s antenatal yoga classes were perfect for someone like me who was new to yoga.   She explained all poses clearly including how they can help during pregnancy and labour to equip me with valuable techniques and knowledge.” 

Kate – London

“I survived the pain thanks to Yoga, and it really speeded up things” 

Anna S – London

Mother & Baby Yoga Classes

“Myself and Erin really loved the mother baby yoga classes run by Mairi. They are a lovely way to socialise with other mums and babies whilst doing exercise that is really well tailored for post pregnancy. I thought she did an excellent job of giving us some exercise whilst also keeping the babies engaged with various toys and songs. Would thoroughly recommend these classes to new mums!”

Lynn – Alyth, Scotland

“Mother and baby yoga is a fantastic way to bond with your baby and learn how to use yoga techniques to soothe or play with your little one. Mhari is a wonderful teacher and adapts the class to suit the babies moods-which is perfect when your little angel is being a grump. A great workout for mums too- really worthwhile.”

Gemma – Meigle, Scotland

“Mummy and baby yoga is one of the best things I’ve done since having a baby. Such a welcoming and relaxing class. My wee boy loves it and giggles his way through most of the sessions, and the mum’s get the opportunity for some gossiping, a cup of tea, some yoga and well deserved relaxation!”

Katie – Alyth, Scotland

“My baby and I absolutely loved yoga with Mairi! It was fun and pleasure.  It helped to enrich my body posture, which wasn’t great because of breastfeeding. All the exercises for my baby have improved his hips flexibility.”

Anna S – London

“A fun and enjoyable class. A great way to gently tone post baby and for mum and baby to feel totally relaxed afterwards. Mairi is a lovely and very attentive teacher.”

Leena – London

“The class was beautifully set up, very child friendly. All the babies (even my wriggly child) were lovely and calm at the end of the class when we said our Oms”

Anna C – London

Mindfulness in schools

“Through mindfulness in the classroom, Mairi has been a fantastic professional, with the children at heart, helping them in our school towards learning to train their attention to the present moment without dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.  I see mindfulness as more of a practical skill, so at first for some, it can seem difficult, even pointless, however perseverance truly pays off.  As a result, some of the skills our learners have developed are their enhanced ability to regulate their emotions, they are better at accepting transient thoughts and feelings and have increased their attention span.  I believe it is important we teach these skills as children grow up.  Our thanks go to Mairi in helping us improve the outcomes for our children.”

Fiona Campbell, Depute Headteacher, Alyth Primary School 12.3.19


Mairi Bicket is an experienced yoga teacher and she has extended her interest to the field of Mindfulness. Having completed a training course which focused on teaching Mindfulness to children in primary schools, Mairi delivered at short course at our nursery school.

Mairi is enthusiastic and animated and the children were all drawn to her. She made the learning fun with lots of questions and answer sessions as well as interactive tasks. The children were thus exposed to the concept of Mindfulness in an enjoyable way.

The material that Mairi works with is well suited for primary school aged children. An added bonus is Mairi’s expertise with yoga and the children really loved working with some simple yoga postures.”

Jill Hobhouse (Vice Principal)
Netherton Montessori Nursery School, Netherton, Scotland 

Yoga in schools

“I cannot recommend Mairi yoga classes highly enough, these classes were extremely well planned.  The classes were structured so that each family could progress in their own way with no pressure. Mari made everyone at feel at ease throughout and she was willing to answer question all about yoga.”

Caroline – Coupar Angus, Scotland
Active schools

“In a half hour for yoga, and taking part in breathing and exercises, I could actually see the children physically calm down. For some children who have busy family lives at home, it could be one of the few times that they have in a week to know what it is to have quietness in their bodies and minds.
It amazed me how much in taking a half hour to do yoga you could quieten the body and mind to state of calmness which is easily forgotten  in a busy school day. It helps the children to become more alert and focussed and a great thing for them to learn about”
Primary 3 teacher, Alyth Primary School

Hatha Yoga Classes

Laura – London

“I really did enjoy my class with you and felt the benefits – in and out!”

Elinor – London

“Thanks to you Yoga makes me feel well, and I don’t regret a penny I spend on it.”